Unlimited Support

Unlimited Support

Peace of mind for your technology.

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From only £9 a month, we’ve got you covered.

VIP Access

Get priority support and jump the front of the queue.

Endless Support

All the remote support you could ever need, all at the push of a button.

Internet Security

Free BullGuard Internet Security included, to keep your system protected.

Nexus Monitoring

Allow us to act on problems before they even occur.


“Always considerate and careful to explain what might be needed or has been undertaken. Couldn’t be better.”

Mark E

Lets keep things running smoothly.

The bad news is, your computer is unfortunately going let you down at some point.

The good news is we can provide unlimited remote support for a very small monthly cost, to keep you up and running.

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“Very happy with the service I received from I company I feel I can trust. The same people are always available to speak to and the quote and work was excellent value for money. ”

Pippa Mac

Advanced internet security as standard.

Unlimited Support comes with unlimited internet security protection. We’ll keep you informed when your subscription is about to run out and can even remote in to update your activation. You need never worry about internet security again.

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“I had put up with a very slow computer for weeks – it kept wanting to upgrade Windows 4 or 5 times each day – and the problem was fixed by Nexus. The guys are polite and smart. It’s good to know I can rely on them for future issues and wish I’d found them sooner!”

Deborah King

We’ve got your back.

Prevention is better than cure. That’s why we include Nexus Monitoring as an optional extra for those who would like us to keep a closer eye on their systems health. Nexus Monitoring can notify us of any potential issues and enable you to request support right from your desktop.

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Unlimited Support Sign Up

Sign Up Process

Create Customer

Create customer in RepairShopr, if customer already exists continue to next step.

Set up Direct Debit

Direct Debits are collected on the 25th of every month.  Minimum term is 12 months.

1 System

2 Systems

3 Systems

Enter the required details.

Create New Contract

From the Customer Details page, click New Contract

Contract Name

Estimated Value

Estimated Likelihood of Closing

Start Date

End Date


Leave Apply to all Tickets, Unticked

Hit Create Contract

Change Status > Won

Create Invoice

Generate new invoice for the customer.

Add the following from Inventory:

  1. Unlimited Support Registration
  2. BullGuard Internet Security
  3. Unlimited Support for X Device(s)

Mark BullGuard down to £0.00

Make Recurring Subscription

On the current invoice goto Actions > Make Recurring

Add Recurring Schedule:

  1. Recurring Template Name > [Name] US
  2. Frequency > Monthly
  3. Start At > 25th
  4. Hit Create Schedule

Editing Subscription:

  1. Recurring Type > General Subscription
  2. Remove the Registration and BullGuard line items.
  3. Hit Update Schedule
  4. For Subscription Related Contact, select Contract created earlier.
  5. Tick Create a ticket one month before contract expires
  6. Hit Update Schedule

Create Asset

Does the customer want Kabuto installed?

Yes. Then install Kabuto.

Download Kabuto Technician Installer

By setting up Kabuto an Asset will be created in RepairShopr, ready to be assigned to the customer.  The Asset will appear as a Kabuto Device under the Asset Manager.

No. Then the Asset must be added manually.

New Asset > Asset Type = Computer

Asset Serial Number:

Add make and model.